Evolution of the Internet

In the early 60s, the concept of the internet was credited to Leonard Kleinrock after publishing a paper called “Information Flow in Large Communication Nets”. The internet is a simple thing and you can guess what the idea is without the technical portion just from the title. The internet was…

Game Sense: The Art of Gaming

The metaverse has made an impact in the tech community (maybe more than expected?), but do games really “create” experiences and worlds that fully submerge you? Let’s explore what games and VR provide you and what they lack altogether.

Social Media: Longer or Shorter Content?

First there was Vine, Snapchat, and Tiktok. There was also Youtube, Facebook and Instagram. All these platforms gave people a way to tell a story, teach something or just show something interesting. But as these platforms became bigger, niches were developed within them. This is especially true with Youtube. You…

Pay-to-Win Cringe: Not Just in Games

Pay-to-win has become synonymous with the gaming industry. In order for companies to profit from people playing mobile games or video games they have driven the need to include specific features of the game which can either only be bought like custom skins, weapons, etc or can be achieved only…
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Does Equality Also Deny Your Individuality?

It’s nothing new that “feminists” whether they are men or women campaign for equal rights. They campaign to say that men can be equal to women and then women can be equal to men. But is that all that means?
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From Tree to Table

Most cups are made from ceramics. A huge industry where clay is spun on a pottery wheel and is formed into a cup or almost any shape using a delicate yet firm hand and many years of experience. A fairly old technique dating back to the 3000 BC when the…
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Fighting for Freedom in Palestine: Short Summary of Recent Events

In life, people search for freedom all the time. It comes in many forms, freedom from school, freedom from work and responsibilities, but the type of freedom that is most precious is freedom of autonomy. Being able to choose for yourself and stand up against those who oppress.
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The Origin of Burials

Burials are part of a long and ancient custom humans take part in. When someone tastes death, the people who are left living will end up burying the person in a casket or coffin (difference is explained in this youtube video) or even just wrapping in white cloth. But how…

The Reason for Music Nostalgia

Most people want to say that music was the best in their generation. The 60s! The 70s! Hey people even miss the early 2000s. Of course people will miss the music that they first listened to or related to, it’s special because the first time you have nothing to compare…
Original Self Driving Car

The Original Self-Driving Vehicle

AI has grown to the point now where people won’t need to drive themselves anywhere. The technology has been slowly implemented in cars that have auto-pilot to allow the steering and acceleration be controlled by the car’s system rather than the person behind the wheel. Human innovation has lead people…