Babies NOT Using Diapers

Babies need diapers.

People say that all the time and they spend so much money on diapers for their kids. There are diapers for babies and toddlers with different cartoons and styles. It makes you wonder how babies could survive without diapers…or is that the right question? Is it babies that need diapers or is it parents?

3 Rules for Plants and Your Hair

Basic rules of gardening are fairly straightforward: nutritious soil, water and sunlight. What that means for each plant is unique but the recipe can be spelled out that way for the most part. For each plant to thrive it needs the right type of soil and enough contact with it so that the roots are able to develop and absorb the nutrients from the earth. Water is needed so the nutrients can be transported and to keep the plant from drying out. Sunlight is needed to convert the nutrients and carbon dioxide (CO2) into sugar or glucose. Altogether and when done in the right proportion they allow plants to grow well and abundantly.

4 Categories of People

Air. Medicine. Toxic. Poison. Two of those might sound similar but let’s explore them.

The inspiration for this post came from another quote I saw online:

“Some people are like air. You need them in your life and they are there for you.

Some are like medicine. You turn to them when you are ill. Too much can be harmful.

Some are toxic. If you get away before you inhale too much, you may survive.

Others are like poison. They will ruin you, even in small amounts.”

Abu Ibraheem Hussnayn

How Much Does Your Clothing Do For You?

This post has such a weird title… but it’s something to think about. Have you considered why you wear clothes and what it does for you? But more importantly have you considered what you “natural clothing” does for you compared to the clothing you buy?

5 Benefits of Not Wearing Shoes

From the time we are babies all the way up to adult and beyond, we are wearing shoes. The common answer if we are asked why would be something like “You need to protect your feet.”. Well let’s consider that for a second.